The Most Solid Business Plans for Your Industrial Bakery & Snackery Investments!

Thinking of venturing into the food manufacturing industry? Maybe starting a bakery or snackery business? From trendy concepts such as keto, sourdough, gluten free, and vegan to higher food technology solutions designed for industrial automation, your business plan is just a message away!

The bakery industry is growing

Now is the time to invest!

In the GCC region, the market for bakery items is being
driven by the growing demand for convenience food
products.The GCC market is also growing due to the rising
popularity of serving bakery items during social gatherings,
corporate parties, festive occasions, etc.

The GCC bakery product market has exhibited moderate
growth during 2015-2020. The IMARC Group expects the market
to grow at a CAGR of around 7% during the
forecast period of 2021-2026.

The Bakery Industry is Immune to Drastic Economic Slowdowns

The benefits of investing in the food industry can over-weigh the challenges when you work with an experienced multidisciplinary and trusted food industry partner such as Agzia Food Industry Brainiacs.

What You’ll Need to Get Started







A Solid
Industry Partner

Agzia Food Industry Brainiacs provides a holistic smartly engineered approach for your Bakery / Snackery / Confectionery investment. Book a call to learn all about it!

Agzia food industry brainiacs
- at your service

Agzia is a food industry knowledge & investment partner, empowering the food industry across emerging markets. Being a first of a kind focal center of global experts within the food processing industry, Agzia innovates value creation by providing its services along Investment Strategy, Smart Engineering and Execution leading to profit.

We Build

Are you looking to build a unique bakery business concept from scratch? We plan and build it for you!

We Consult

Are you looking for advice before starting your own bakery business? We consult your business needs!

We Grow

Are you looking for ways to move your bakery business from a niche market to a global one? We help you do just that!

With Agzia, you won’t have to go through the long process of looking for consultants, executives, or third parties to make your bakery business successful; we take care of everything for you!

All the work your bakery will need - brought to you by one investment partner

Starting a greenfield bakery project requires a number of interconnected strategic, technological, commercial, and human capital skills that can be tricky to put together in a winning format.

Agzia takes over this burden for you in a TurnKey project delivery model.

Agzia builds trust and value into your business/brand by creating a Unique Selling Proposition and a purpose behind it that drives it forward beyond the competition.


Agzia’s hexagonal multidisciplinary approach

Agzia Food Investment uses the honeycomb’s hexagonal shape as a multidisciplinary approach for food ventures like yours.

Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. In a hexagonal grid each line is as short as it can possibly get to create the strongest structure within a defined space.

With expertise on each side of the hexagon, Agzia innovates tailored solutions for an ultimate profitable position.

Agzia’s Fingerprint in the Foodscape Industry


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    Have a Food Project In Mind?

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